If you are over indebted and need assistance to regain control of your finances we at Debt Solutions can help you achieve the following benefits


Can Not Deduct Money

Creditors will not be able to deduct money from your salary or Bank account


Can Not Take Legal Action

Creditors will not be able to take any legal action against you, such as Summonses, Judgements, Garnishee Orders, and removal of your assets by the Sheriff for Sale in Execution. This will save you a lot of legal costs;


Can Not Contact You

Creditors will not be allowed to contact you telephonically for payments. If they do you just let them know that you are under Administration and that they have to contact us and then we will deal with them;


No Deposit

No deposit needs to be made to start the process; the costs for the application are dealt with in the Order itself. This means that we will recover our initial costs when the order is granted and instalments start coming in.

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